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Best Bathroom Vanities for Your Home

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Finding the best bathroom vanities for your home will depend on your style preference and budget. Bathroom vanities provide storage space and are available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials, including bathroom vanities with tops and custom bath vanities. This guide will help you understand what to look for when choosing a bathroom vanity, including storage needs and the size of your bathroom.

Things to Consider

Because you are using this space to wash your hands, brush your teeth, store toiletries and more, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for bathroom vanities. Here’s what to look for when narrowing down types of bathroom vanities.

Size: Always begin by measuring the space and, if applicable, the size of your current bath vanity. Consider ease of use when choosing the vanity height. You should be able to use the sink without reaching up or bending over too far. Standard vanity widths are 24-inches, 30-inches, 36-inches, 48-inches, 60-inches and 72-inches. Standard bathroom vanity depth ranges from 17-inches to 24-inches. Most standard bathroom vanity height is about 31-inches. Some vanities go up to 35-inches high. Shorter vanities often work well for children.

Hardware and accessories: If you’re updating your bathroom vanity to a completely different look, be sure that your vanity mirrors, vanity lighting and other accessories match the style and finish you’ve chosen.

Faucets: When selecting your new vanity, note the spacing of pre-drilled holes alloted for a faucet. This will let you know if you need to a centerset, widespread or single-handle faucet. Example: 4-inches for centerset, 8-inches for widespread or single hole.

Storage: Is this a vanity for a guest bath that won’t get much use? Will this bathroom vanity be replacing one in a busy family bathroom? Drawers and cabinets for storage are important things to consider.

Vanity side and backsplashes: Decide if your bathroom upgrade will involve a vanity side and backsplash. If so, calculate this into your measurements. Install the side and backsplash after the vanity has been installed.

Bathroom Vanity Types

There are so many types of bathroom vanities available. It can be overwhelming to figure out which is right for you.

Freestanding bathroom vanities are the most common and are often found in smaller bathrooms.
Floating bathroom vanities have a modern feel and hang on the wall.
Corner bathroom vanities make the most of unused space in any size bathroom.
Single sink bathroom vanities are ideal for small spaces or guest bathrooms.
Double sink bathroom vanities offer extra counter space and storage space and work well in larger baths.
Build-to-fit bathroom vanities allow you to choose the best options for your bathroom’s style and layout.
Bathroom vanities without tops are also an option. With this choice, you choose your vanity and vanity top separately to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Bathroom Vanity Styles
Bathroom vanities come in several popular decorating styles.

Modern or contemporary vanities have sleek cabinetry, symmetrical elements, unique curves and monochromatic colors.
Traditional or classic vanities often have furniture-style cabinets, decorative trim, ornate molding and subdued color schemes
Transitional or cottage vanities have a natural, relaxed and uncomplicated aesthetic.
Farmhouse or rustic vanities are known for their vintage style, warm wood grains and aged finishes.